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Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Catering AmarilloIt was a natural extension of our restaurant business to offer the catering services which our customers had increasingly been requesting. Ever since our restaurant, The Red River Steakhouse, opened in 1997 in McLean, Texas and another location opened in 2015 in Amarillo both had become very successful. We had always believed in community and we worked hard to build great relationships within the community where the restaurant is located. it

We believe strongly that we can make a difference - even if its just offering a great place to hang your hat after a hard days work. We always have felt that if we did our best to take care of the community, that the people of our community would take care of us. We pride ourselves in using only the highest quality ingredients in the food we offer on our carefully prepared menu. Tenderness and mouth-watering flavor are our signature and we guarantee it.

With our selection of grilled certified Hereford Beef, fresh Texas size salads, grilled chicken dishes and hand-breaded seafood there is something for every taste and every budget. We carry on the Texas tradition of providing customers and catering clients with the highest grade of choice aged beef available, 'fall off the bone' ribs, prime USDA inspected and approved chicken and seafoods. Basically, all around excellent food coupled with outrageous service at a reasonable price.

Catering AmarilloThe Red River Steakhouse and Catering Amarillo mission is to bring people together by providing a friendly environment while at the same time delivering outrageous service and outstanding food. To bring the spirit of Catering Amarillo and the Red River Steakhouse to life we wanted to give our clients and guests a taste of the things we love most about life - We love making people happy, and there is no better way to achieve this than to bring friends and family together over a great meal.

Our family has been ranching in the Texas Panhandle for several generations and after raising cattle for so many years it was a natural that somewhere along the line there would be a family member that would make a living by serving the fine meat of the Texas Panhandle instead of simply raising it. The Red River Steakhouse and Amarillo Catering are the result of years of hard work and a committment to being the best.

Catering AmarilloGuests at the steakhouse have so enjoyed our certified Hereford cuts such as porterhouse, ribeye, strip, sirloin and filet mignon that they began to ask whether the delicious meals being served at the restaurant could be provided for family and company get-togethers. The rest is history and now the excellent foods on the menu at the steakhouse can be prepared onsite for your next large company or family event.


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